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New Website to search for Geneology of Lovilia Residents from Old Lovilia Press Clippings

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Go to:

You can search by year or by first initial of a person’s last name. Included are births, marriages, and obituaries.

I enjoyed searching for fun even though I am not working on family history at this time.

We can thank Stephen Stewart for creating this site.  I am sure it took a great deal of time and talent and devotion to bring it to reality.  If you have questions, you may reach him at this email address:

Engagements Announced

Wesley Beary and Jenny Noyce of  Eau Claire, Wisconsin announce their marriage plans for 2013.  He proposed  Thanksgiving Day.  Both are currently living and working in Iowa City, Iowa.

Teresa Beary and Paul White of Dallas, Texas announce their marriage plans for 2013.  He proposed in October.  Both are currently living and working in Madison, Wisconsin. 

Best wishes to you all.

Morgan Beary’s Car Damaged by Collision with a Deer

Saturday evening when leaving Lovilia to return to Des Moines, he encountered deer crossing Hwy 5 and removed his foot from the accelerator but before he could slow down a large deer crossed the road and crashed with the car.  Severely injured but still alive the police put the animal down.  A tow truck was summoned and removed the car from the highway.  Morgan was not injured but the air bag did deploy.  Several good samaritans stopped to provide assistance which Morgan appreciated.  He was not injured except for light bruising from impact from the air bag.


St. Peter’s Catholic Church Picnic Results

Monday, November 5th, 2012

The picnic served 237 meals. We want to thank all those who came to eat and share the day.

Winner of the silent auction quilt was Ruby Johnson who purchased it for $225.

Winners of the raffle prizes were:
$500 Jim McGinn
$300 Anne Crosson
$200 Tara Lenger
$100 Myrtle Kurimski
$100 JoAnn Provenzano
$100 Tammy Zanoni
$100 Margaret Beakler
$100 Jerry Wynn
One winner was from California others from out of town , and some winners from Lovilia. Thanks to all who purchased tickets to support our fund raising efforts.

God Bless you all and we hope to see you next year!