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Headstart of Lovilia using Community Building Temporarily

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

Headstart is using the Community building for classes as the government inspected the Lovilia and Albia sites and said they did not meet the regulations.   They are paying rent to use the building while they look for a new location. There are currently 12 students attending classes there.  That explains the little merry go round that appeared on the lawn by the building.

Correction about the Free Dinner at the Community Building on the last post

Hosting the dinner were the women of the Lovilia United Methodist Church.  Sorry for my error.  They certainly did a great job and deserve the recognition.  It was done as a gift to the city.

Unite Methodist Women Guest Day

The women hosted a guest day. Thirteen churches were invited and guests were there from eight of them. Forty women heard the presentation from the guest speaker, Brian Chambers, a columnist for the Albia newspapers.  Goldie Kraber said it was a very interesting speech.

Gas N Go Construction

Update is there is still no fuel pumping but they hope to have it ready sometime this week.  Work is ongoing inside as the ceiling is being lowered with a new plasterboard ceiling.  They are open each day for business of food, beverages, lottery tickets, etc.

Town Clean Up

Conrad burned home is all cleaned up except  some foundation remains.  Marty Major house is all cleaned up except the chimney and some foundation.  The vacant property north across from the Norma Barnes home has been condemned by the regional health dept.   So it should be cleared away when the proper channels get carried out.

Recycle day is Oct. 10

Recycle in Lovilia Sat. Oct. 10th across from the Post Office from 8am to 10am. It is a free service.  If you have not done it before. An easy way to start is to bring your newspapers in a sack or box and /or your magazines in a sack or box.  They must be kept separate as it is two different types of paper and have to be handled separately.