Lovilia 2013 All School Alumni Reunion

June 9th, Sunday, the reunion was held at the Lovilia Community building in downtown Lovilia just below the water tower.

Between the meal count and the registration desk count it was determined that about 175 alumni with spouses  or other relatives attended this year.

In 1963 Ellie Sofranko and others planned the first all school reunion.  Over 900 graduates were mailed invitations.  For the 2013 reunion 380 letters were sent.

A noon meal of pulled pork or steamed hamburger sandwiches, cole slaw, potato salad, cookies, and beverages was served to the guests by the Lovilia Community Betterment committee.  Many Lovilia bakers donated a wide variety of delicious homemade cookies for the meal.

Sandy Winegardner opened the program by welcoming everyone and introducing the 2013 alumni committee.  Committee members were:

Marilyn Sterling Vandenberg, class of 1951

Ruth Bunch Belzer, class of 1951

Ilene Smith Pottorff , class of 1952

Kae Wells Morgan , class of 1957

Margaret Crumley Vittetoe, class of 1957

Gayle Baker Hastings, class of 1958

Mary Lou Sims Bingamon, class of 1958

These women help plan the reunion, keep the address list of alumni updated, and save obituaries of those alumni who have died since the previous reunion.

Bob Crumley was master of ceremonies and introduced the 2013 class honorees.  From the class of 1933, Kathryn Welsh Ballalatak, was honored and her son, Dean, read Kathryn’s memories of school and growing up in rural Lovilia.

Betty Henderson Baker, class of 1943, was honored and her story was read by her brother, Larry Henderson.

Gerald Sofranko, class of 1948, wrote specifically about Lovilia men who we honor for their military service and his words were read by Bob Crumley.

Alumni who could not attend due to health reasons sent letters which were read.

Bonneitta Martin Sonnenburg, class of 1935, letter read by Ruth Belzer.  She lives at The Village in Indianola, Iowa.

Wendell Nedderman, class of 1939, who lives in Arlington, Texas sent a letter ready by Bob Crumley.

Lowell Findley, class of 1954, currently residing in Dolores, Colorado sent a letter read by Fred Kraber.

Beverly Tucker Sampson, class of 1957, who lives in Alexandria, Virginia sent a letter read by Sandy Winegardner.

It was enjoyable to hear of Lovilia’s earlier days and what these graduates have experienced in their colorful lives.

Some alumni traveled miles upon miles to join the reunion guests.  Listed are some of those travelers:

Katherine Peach Owens Stevens, class of 1953, California

Charles Williams, class of 1958, Arizona

Jeanne Barnes Long, class of 1960, Minnesota

Jr. Monk, class of 1960, Georgia

Kenneth Nedderman, class of 1941, Texas

Lorena Gardner Blanchard, class of 1941, Colorado

Jack Clark, class of 1949, California

Ted Ferguson, class of 1958, Missouri

Rosemary Waters Ostby, class of 1953, Colorado

Larry Henderson,class of 1955, Florida

David Johnson, class of 1949, Illinois

In closing the program, Bob Crumley, read the names of the 68 Lovilia graduates who had passed away since the June 2008 reunion.  We hold their memories dear and pray they rest in peace.

The next all school reunion will be held in five years in June 2018.  Hope to see you there!



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