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City Election Results

Sunday, November 8th, 2015

Pat Gilbert was reelected to the mayor’s job.  Three were elected to fill four year terms on the city council.  Returning for another term is Carrie Hutchinson.  Newly elected for their first term is Sadie Dykstra and Jess Hutchinson.  Pam Spaur resigned from the council with two years left on her term.  Josh Pettyjohn was elected to finish her term which will be a two year commitment.

Thanks to all you new electees for agreeing to serve your town by staffing city government.

John Malone Estate Auction

Nov.7 and Nov. 8 McDonough auction company was having an auction at F Avenue where John had lived until his recent death.  It was good sunny weather for the sale and several folks were there to bid.

New Christmas Lighted Decorations

Lovilia city parks committee member, Sadie Dykstra, says they want to hang decorations on light poles in Lovilia like was done many years ago.  They have some money to start the project but would like to have donations so they can hang enough lighted decor to give the town a festive glow.  If you would like to give to this project, take your cash or check to city hall earmarked for the Christmas lights.

Western guests are visiting

Rita Slofkosky of San Diego, California and Tina Robinson of Washington state are back visiting family and friends. Welcome home!