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Edith Marie Barnes dies Oct. 12, 2014

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Born to Fred and Clara Ellen Clark on Oct. 24, 1915 in Buxton, Iowa.  The family later moved to a farm west of Lovilia and Edith walked to the one room school called Lemon. To attend high school she walked 3 1/2 miles to Lovilia  where she graduated in the class of 1933.  She had 6 brothers and three sisters.

Jan 12., 1935 Edith married James (Bud) Barnes.  Edith worked then at Harold Water’s grocery store in Lovilia and she and her husband owned and lived in the Park Hotel in Lovilia until it burned in 1945.

They moved to Albia and she worked as office manager of Monroe County Hospital until 1966.  In 1968 she was called to work at the new Albia nursing home as bookkeeper. Later she passed the exam to be an administrator of that home and did so until 1981 when she retired.

Edith was a 60 year member of the American Legion Auxiliary, active member of Lovilia Betterment Committee, and very active worker in the United Methodist church of Lovilia.

Sheila (Phil) Lundstrom of Lovilia and Joe(Sharon) Barnes of Tajique, NM are her children.  Grandchildren are Gail, Tiffany Jo, Gary, James, and Derek.  She also has three great grandchildren.

Preceded in Death by her parents, husband, brothers:  Howard, Raymond, Purl, Eugene, Vincent, and Harry Clark; and sisters:  Ella Visser, Lois Walter, and Wilma Bryant.

Funeral services were at the Lovilia United Methodist church Oct. 18th and burial at Woodlawn Cemetery in Lovilia.

St. Peter’s Picnic Results

We served a total of 228 dinners.  Raffle winners were the following:  $5oo to Martha Robinson, $200 to Margaret Beakler, $100 to Norma Barnes, $100 (winner gave back to St. Peter’s), $50 Richard Plum, and $50 to Jerry Anderson.  Congrats to the winners. The church wishes to thank all who bought dinners, raffle tickets, and goods from the country store and the auction.  See you next year!

Oct.23,2014 Reconvened Democratic County Convention

Due to the unexpected death of Denny Ryan, a candidate for the board of supervisors in the Nov. 4th election, country delegates from the March convention met to choose a candidate to run in a special election in Dec.  Our local precinct is to be commended for having the best attendance of any county precinct.  Local delegates were Susan Beary, Margaret Kasper, Jane and Doran Haywood, James Elliot, Doyle Chamberlain, Sandra Showers and Robert Chance.  The only delegates unable to attend were Fred and Goldie Kraber who were helping their daughter, Gladys, little girl celebrate her fourth birthday.

Dien Judge was chosen to be the democratic candidate.  Republicans are to pick a candidate the first part of November.

Dangerous Items Thrown in Lovilia Recycling Trailer

Syringes used to give shots came tumbling out as workers unloaded the trailer.  This poses a serious health hazard to workers.  Workers could contract a disease from the needles if stuck and the needle had been from a patient with a disease like hepatitis c.  Never put syringes in recycling or the garbage can.  Go to the public health office and ask for a free sharps box to put your syringes in.  Public health obtained a grant for the purpose of supplying patients with sharps boxes at no charge.  Call them at 641-932-7191 to ask for one or get directions to their office in Albia.

There are windows on both sides of the Lovilia trailer for different types of items so check both sides and put your items in the right window.

Put no compact florescent (screw shaped bulbs) or also called CFL bulbs and no long florescent bulbs in recycling. These have hazardous items in them and should only be brought to the once a year hazardous waste collection day held in Albia in Oct.

Plastics like soda pop straws or any item that do not have a recycle triangle on them can not be recycled. The buyer has to know the plastic formula in each item before it can be used.  so look for the triangle with a number from 1-7 on it.  We can not take automotive fluid containers because it is hazardous materials: no antifreeze jugs, no oil jugs, brake fluid, etc.) no toxic cleaner jugs either like toilet boil cleaner of lysol.  If it says poison or hazardous on the label put it instead in the garbage.

No pesticide or herbicide containers can be recycled by us as it is hazardous too.

Cigarette cartons and packs are not recyclable as they are not a reusable form of paper.

No styrofoam marked triangle 6 can be recycled as there is no buyer for it. it must go in your home garbage.

Mixed paper does not mean all paper.  it is only for white letters or school notebook papers

Aerosol cans explode when baled and often have plastic and other components so they can not be recycled.

No aluminum foil or aluminum baking pans. no buyer for this.

We do not take plastic bags to recycle. Return them to the store you got them from to their bag barrel, such as Hyvee and Walmart.

Glass jars need the lids removed before recycling.  metal lids can be put in with tin cans. plastic lids can go in with plastics.

If you have any questions call Susan Beary 641-946-7952,

Oct. 31 Trick or treat

Plenty of Ninjas, princesses, and goblins abounded from 6-8pm.  As usual on E Ave. South (main st.) I ran out of candy somewhere between 50 and hundred kids later. some politely took one and some grabbed a handful and ran.  There are always one or two greedy ghouls!!

House Torn down

The home most recently lived in by Donnie Tucker who died some time ago, was bulldozed down this week.  Trees downed too but not yet removed.  This is the property that is on the corner of F Avenue and 16th Street. It was just south of the former Gas N Go station/store.

Iris bloom on Halloween

How could this happen?  I don’t know but there were no iris blooms in the usual time period in the month of May. Then last week buds appeared and two beautiful, perfect white blooms appeared and lasted 3 or 4 days.  An October miracle of nature!

Mary Jo Beary Dies Nov.2 nd

She died at Oakwood Nursing Center in Albia November 2, 2014 under care of hospice.

Born to Robert J. and Marie (Sinnott) Lee in Melrose.  She was a graduate of Melrose High School.  She married Bill Johnson Dec. 17, 1943 and he died Oct. 12, 1964.  Mary Jo then married Leo Vincent Beary of Lovilia June 25, 1966.  Vincent died Feb. 11, 2014.  Mary Jo liked to help people and was always on the go doing so.

She is survived by her children Chris, Bob, and Donald, ten grandchildren, and eleven great grandchildren as  well as her sister, Margie (John) Curran of Melrose.

Visitation opens 1pm Wed. Nov. 5 at Sinnott-Pierschbacher Funeral Home at Albia with family present 6-8 pm.  Rosary Wed. at 4pm and wake at 6pm

Funeral mass Thurs, Nov. 6 at 10:30am at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Albia.  Burial afterwards at Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Melrose.

Memorials established to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital or Mr. Calvary Cemetery.

PTSD and Dog “Healers”

If you know someone suffering with PTSD or a child with autism, look at this website.  They have helped many service men make remarkable improvements and the dogs are trained right here in Waverly, Ia.  This was just featured in a Farm Bureau family living article.

Farm Computer Games Free

Visit  . I understand there are 19 different games.  This is provided by a grant from farm bureau and Dupont Pioneer.
These games are for K-5th grade and even have lesson plans and activities for school teachers.

Election Day Nov. 4, 2014

Polls are open 7am-9pm at the Lovilia Community building.  Come and exercise your freedom to vote. Our precinct includes the city of Lovilia, Union township, Cedar township , and Bluff Creek Township. See you at the polls!  And unlike some countries where they tell you who to vote for, you get to choose.  Go for it!!