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Correction: Recycle day is Saturday. Feb. 9th. Sorry for my error.

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Catherine Kurimski Injured

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Catherine fell and broke her hip last week. Surgery was done and she will spend some weeks in recovery and physical therapy in an Albia care center. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Ballalatak and Chamberlain on Way to Recovery

Katherine Ballalatak after a respiratory illness and recovery in an Albia care center is back home.  We are happy she is back in Lovilia.

Mary Chamberlain who became sick at Christmas and has been in Albia in a care center is expected to come home in a few days.  We look forward to seeing you,  Mary.

Tim and Sandy Welsh move to Knoxville

Tim and Sandy have sold their rural home northwest of Lovilia to a family from State Center , Iowa.  The new owner works at a Pella factory and his wife is a national renowned rescue dog trainer.  We welcome them to the area.

Tim and Sandy have purchased and moved into a Knoxville home  which they are very excited about.

Gas N Go Closes Doors

The station had closed the store but now it has also closed down the self service gas pumps.  We will miss the local business which had been here many years.

Drug Ring

Law enforcement recently interrogated some Monroe County persons, jailed some, and apparently continues to try to close in on drug makers and sellers.  It appears little information is available at this time as they continue to investigate.

Recycle in Lovilia Saturday, Feb. 11

Recycle in Lovilia Feb. 11th from 8am -10am at the trailer parked across from the post office.

Here is a new, updated list on what can be brought for recycling:

1.  Card  board : corrugated and chipboard(example cereal box) boxes must be clean, flat, and empty

2.  Glass:  all colors: wash out the items, take lids off, can not accept plate glass, no window glass, no mirrors, and no light bulbs

3. Newspaper: bagged separate from other items

4. Magazines: glossy paper magazines-bagged separate from other items

5.  Books:  paper back and hard cover books

6. shredded office paper:  bagged and tied shut

7. clean office paper: white paper letters, no envelopes

8. Mixed office paper:  envelopes,. colored paper, junk mail (bagged separate from other items.  No gift wrap, no foam coffee cups and no foam items.

9.  Tin cans:  wash out can with soapy water, remove label, NO AEROSOL(SPRAY) CANS, NO ALUMINUM PIE OR BAKING PANS AND NO TIN FOIL CAN BE ACCEPTED.

10. Plastic with recycle numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,& 7. We accept #6 if it is clear and see through but not #6 styrofoam such as white or colored store coffee cups or packing materials.  Rinse  containers before recycling. remove lids and drop them in your storage container.  (lids must be off so plastic can be flattened and baled). Do not accept auto fluids containers, no oil containers, and no antifreeze containers or other hazardous chemical containers.

All 10 categories must be kept separated so we can process and sell them.

No plastic bags accepted.(Return these to the stores that gave them to you, please.)

Hope to see our recyclers on Feb. 11th, Sat.  All new persons are welcome to recycle.  It is free!



Reminder: Lovilia All School Reunion is this June

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

June 9, Sunday is the day, so mark your calendars and save this special date.
The school reunion will be held at the Lovilia Community Building.

More details will appear here as I find them out.
Remember June 9, 2013, Sunday!!! Hope to see you all there.