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Correction to Lovilia Press story

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

Stephen said the correct address is:

Guest from North Pole Recycles!!

Guess who was at the Albia recyling center today? Santa and Mrs. Claus. Wow! He took time out from his busy day of Breakfast with Santa, treats to hand out at the Christmas movie, and being in a Victorian Stroll window to recycle his newspapers, magazines, cardboard, glass jars, cans, and plastic., etc. what a role model. He made me so proud!!

Remember you can recycle in Lovilia next Saturday, Dec. 8th from 8am-10am across from the post office.  See you there.

Lovilia Casey’s Remodeling is Complete

Changes include:

2 new handicap accessible bathrooms. one for women and one for men and both have a diaper changing table so mom or dad can safely change baby! What a nice service for parents.

a walk in beer cooler

liquor and wine available

soft serve ice cream

submarine sandwiches


Lottery tickets for sale

office space for the manager to “manage ” in

These are all attractive and useful additions to expand shoppers choices.  Drop in and visit it soon.