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Joe Barron Celebrates 75th Birthday

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Joe, who grew up at Weller and went to high school in Lovilia graduating in the class of 1954, recently celebrated his 75h birthday. Family and friends helped him celebrate his big day. He currently lives in Bentondorf, Iowa. Congrats Joe!

Blood Bank did a Blood Draw at Lovilia on Monday

One family from Lovilia has four donors. Does any other family have more?  I think it is great that they participate in such large numbers!  This is Bob, Loita, Sadie(she is married but of course still their daughter), and Katie Williams.

As an aside, their son Christian has moved to Pella where he works at VerMeers.  We miss you here at Lovilia but wish you well in your new place!

Lovilia Family Has Artists, Poets, and Photographers

Emily Plum who grew up in rural Lovilia the daughter of Joe Plum and Juana Plum, after receiving a bachelors degree at Central College in Pella and a masters of fine arts degree at Ames, Iowa is a very creative writer and artist.  To learn more read through her blog  She has paintings, prints, jewelry, etc. with unique designs that show the influence of her world travels and her long visits to Mexico and Japan.  She now resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband.

Her brother, Asa, has a degree from Ames, Ia. also.  He lives in Arizona with his wife and daughter and has a career as an architect.  He has a special interest in photography and you can see his work at  The photos are composed with an artist’s eye.  He likes to capture the details of architecture and he has some beautiful landscape photos too.

Their father, Joe Plum, is a poet and his works can be found on He has had poetry books published and performs at poetry readings.  Joe still lives in rural Lovilia area.

Juana, (Jane), now lives in Oskaloosa and works at Clow mfg. in the safety dept.  The kids artistic eye comes from her it is clear to see.  Her love is painting in water colors or acrylics.  One subject is her specialty and that is the detail closeups of flowers.  She will make a custom piece for you too.  You can contact her at

Kraber Family Reunion

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

The descendents of Ed Kraber recently held their annual reunion at Lovilia Community Building. Family members attended from Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois. Next year’s reunion will be May 4, 2013.

The grandfather, Ed Kraber, came to the USA at the age of 14 from Germany in 1882. He lived in Illinois, Kansas, and Nebraska before settling in Iowa. After putting down roots in Iowa, he married and this union was blessed with eleven children.

Lindsey R. Smith Becomes a Realtor

Lindsey, after much study and preparation, has passed the exams to be a realtor.  She has been hired to work full time in Knoxville at the Prudential First office.  Her employers are Rich and Joni Bailey. Congratulations Lindsey on your success with the exams and your new job.

Lindsey is the daughter of Joan Ford of Lovilia and Ron Paulsgrove.  Her grandparents are Mary Slofkosky and the  late Albert Slofkosky.

New City Councilman is Sarah Lang

She was appointed to fill out the term of Bob Beary who has moved to Albia.  She will hold office until the next election.  She is the wife of Justin Lang. Her parents are David and Linda Kraber . Her Lovilia grandmother is Marilyn and the late Charles Kraber was her grandfather.  Thanks for agreeing to serve your Lovilia community in this position.

Lovilia United Methodist Bible School Held June 11-15

A member of Methodist mobile missions conducted a Bible lesson and led the children in music daily.  The kids then went to Paster Dale or Rev. Ray Doser’s classrooms for more study. Lola Ivens led the craft making sessions and Judy Conner was in charge of the lunch each day.  Members of the congregation generously donated the items for the lunches. One day Casey’s sore donated pizza and beverages for the meal.   Helpers for the classes were Angie Kimball and her daughter.  Enrollment was 28-32 children each day.

Larry and Beth Shelford Have Shuffled Houses

Larry and Beth have placed a new home behind their former home on North E Avenue here in town.  Now the old home has been removed and the site cleared.   The new home now sits back farther from the street than the old and the yard is spacious.  It is a nice addition to the town.

Nine Kinds of Salt at Norway, Iowa Coop

My salt is generic white or the white ” when it rains, it pours” salt.  I was surprised to read that you can get pink, black, etc. You can get it from Himalayan mountains, Hawaii, Washington, Pakistan, France, etc.  You can check this out at Frontier

The town of Norway is about the size of Lovilia, so a town our size could have a business if we came up with the “Eureka idea” for one.  Congrats to Norway, Iowa.

This coop also sells bulk spices, tea, and other organic products and some are fairtrade too for those of us who want to support workers that way.  Check them out.  It is an easy site to navigate and interesting to see it whether you purchase anything or not.

I was telling my husband about this Himalayan pink salt which they claim has an earthy taste and not like sea salt.  My husband says it just tastes like regular salt.  I said how would you know that.  He said he had tasted it.  I was of course incredulous.  Where?  Here is the surprise punch line and it is true. He is a truck driver and found this pink salt on a bottle on his table at the Dodge City Petro Truckstop in Alabama off exit 299 from Interstate 265.  Truck stops serving gourmet salt from an Iowa coop? Truth is stranger than fiction every time!!  I am still shaking my head in disbelief.

1917 Lovilia Press newspaper prints article from Fremont Gazette Giving Fremont’s opinion of the Lovilia Merchants Problem

“The merchants of Lovilia, Iowa, have served notice on all customers that accounts will not be carried longer than ninety days, and settlement will be expected by cash or note at the expiration of a ninety day period.  All of the merchants have entered into the same agreement.  They should have made it thirty days. ”

Do you remember walking into a store and saying, “Just put it on my account”? That was before credit cards and debit cards.  A few…………years back.



Did you know you could drive two hours from Lovilia and be in New Orleans?

Friday, June 15th, 2012

It is true. I did it today. You simply drive to interstate 80 and go east to the exit ramp for Oxford, Iowa. The  Louisiana “spot” is just 3 miles away on a paved road through beautiful farm country.

It is located on the corner of Augusta Avenue and Main Street.  (This is the street you enter town on.) It is called the Augusta Restaurant.

What makes it special besides a tenderloin ranked best in Iowa in 2008? (I ate one and I would say it is still the best!!).

The chef, Ben, and his wife, Jeri Halperin immigrated here due to Hurricane Katrina ruining them in New Orleans.

The building is decorated in memorabilia of the jazz city and quiet jazz is the background sound. The walls are a bright gallery of art of an Iowa City Artist’s work which are for sale (priced from $75-$300 or so).

Ben makes everything from scratch. Yes, the old fashioned way, from scratch. For his sandwiches he puts on his own homemade pickles and his own homemade mayo and the buns and breads are fresh baked by him as were today’s strawberry shortcakes. He brews organic coffee. He cooks each meal when you place your order. They also have daily specials.  It is a treat you deserve to give yourself.

Their hours are: 11am-9pm Wed. and Thurs.
11am-10pm Fri. and Sat.
11am-2pm Sun. Brunch
closed Mon. and Tues.

So when you want to go Cajun, go to Oxford and spend some time at the Augusta.  You will be glad you did.

Have you seen a rattlesnake this year in Monroe County?

Monday, June 11th, 2012

I have been contacted by a biology professor who is researching rattlesnakes in Iowa. He would especially like a photo of it and where you took the photo or if you killed it and have the rattles he would like to know that.

If you have information about the snakes, here is his contact information. Phone: 712-722-6279 and FAX 712-722-1198.
e-mail for him: Mailing address: James Mahaffy, 498 4th Avenue NE, Biology Dept., Dordt College, Sioux Center, Iowa 51250-1697.

He knows about the high frequency of rattlers seen in the old Blackstone Mine area of Union township.  If you know of anyone locally who has been bit and treated for the bite from the rattlesnake, he would like to know that too.

He has researched a list of persons who have died from bites in Iowa going back to the first Iowa settlers.  Some farmers were bit in the field, some children died after a bite while berry picking or hazelnut picking, and some were bit in their own front yard!  In those days all victims died as there was no venom antidote.

Thanks to you for any facts that can help him with his research.

Jack Force , Lovilia Businessman Dies

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Jack Force , age 77, of Hamilton died June 1, 2012. His parents were John Wade Force and Velda (Wellman) Force.  His birth date was Sept. 22, 1934.
On the 4th of July in 1954 he married Phyllis Trinkle. They had one son, Dan, and two daughters, Sandra and Kathy.
Jack ran a business in Lovilia, Iowa for 28 years located on Hwy 5. It was named Lovilia Bait and Tire.
Survivors include his wife, three children, seven grandchildren, six great grandchildren and three step-great-grandchildren .
Funeral was Monday, June 4, 2012 at the Bussey United Methodist Church. Burial was at Greenlawn Cemetery in Bussey, Iowa.
Memorials may be directed to Knoxville’s Hospice of central Iowa.
United Methodist Church Lovilia Bible School

School will be June 11-15th.  Hours are 10am-1pm.  Classes are at the church on E Avenue South. Lessons, crafts, music, and snacks.  All children are welcome.

Primary Election Voting today, June 5th, at Lovilia Community Building

I voted and I hope you do too.  A new wrinkle is they scan your driver’s license to speed up the identification process.  However, you can still fill out a hand written sheet to identify your self and vote as in the past. Voting is a privilege so take advantage and let your voice be heard.