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More Biographic Notes on Les Stevens

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Bob Crumley, native of Lovilia wrote:  In reading your recent blog about Les Steven’s death,I thought about him and some of his story.  In an interesting way he was really a famous son of Lovilia.  His folks, Floyd and Aimee Amsberry, ran the grocery store downtown in the corner building that burned down a few years ago.  (the one next door to the former Masick barber shop).  His brother, Kenny Stevens, who died recently was a classmate of my sister and graduated with the LHS Class of 1957.  I remember as a kid, Les was very interested in track and field.  We younger kids use to get a kick out of watching him practice his pole vaulting in the yard at his house.  He was the only kid in school who seemed to be interested or good enough to stick with his love of the sport.  I remember him being a hurdler and he was really good as a pole vaulter.  He’d go to track meets and be the only Lovilia kid competing.  There were newspaper stories about him and his gaining the reputation as “Lovilia’s One Man Track Team”.  He was talented enough that he went on to participate in track at the University of Iowa.  We were all proud of him and I think he was a track star at Iowa.  If my memory serves me, he went on to have a long and successful career as a high school and college track coach.  His story is a most interesting and inspiring one.  He certainly inspired a bunch of kids around Lovilia to work hard and to be as good as they might be in their pursuit of worthwhile goals in life.  I’m sure there are many others from home that have great memories of Les Stevens, our one-man track team.

The following facts were gleaned from google:

In 1951 he won 3 individual events in a single state track meet in 180 low hurdles, 120 high hurdles, and the high jump.

At the University of Iowa he was the leading scorer of track and field for 3 years.  His best events there were hurdles and high jump.

He later coached high school, junior college, and at the University of Iowa and Central Missouri State University.

Lovilia Stand up Comedian Performs at Honey Creek Resort

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Jeff Caudill who lives just outside the city limits south on Hwy 5, joined three other comedians for a comedy show at the resort on Friday, December 3rd.  The show started at 9pm and Jeff, Greg Althoff, Joel Fry, and Ben Ulin kept the jokes flying till well past 11pm.  It was great to enjoy this show without a trip to a DesMoines club.  Hopefully, they will have more such entertainment for us folks in the outback.  Good luck with your career, Jeff!  To make the Lovilia connection:  Jeff is married to Jessica, daughter of Julie, daughter of Kay, daughter of Keith and Mary Wells.  That should connect the generations for all our readers!

House is demolished

The house east of Steve Bunch and north of Bob Beary was demolished. To finish up the foundation and a felled train need to be removed.  One less house on the east side of the highway.

New Homeowner

The home formerly lived in by Keith and Mary Wells has been sold to Jennifer Chamberlain.  She is the daughter of Calvin and Pam Chamberlain.  We hope she will enjoy her new quarters for many years to come.

December 5, Sunday Special Guest Visits St. Peter’s Hall

The parish family coop supper for the annual Christmas season was held with a food table groaning with homemade noodles, bread, pies, and other great Iowa food.  Sharon Stoffer led the children in Christmas bingo and tree decoration game.  Then Marsh Benjamin had a cookie craft for the kids to make and eat.  As they finished the craft project, a guest knocked at the kitchen door.  In walked the man in red, Santa Claus!.  The word was passed and the children lined up to sit on his lap and give him their special wish for a gift.  Santa heard lots of requests for the Wii, box 360, and kindles.  Then a little girl brought a tear to Santa’s eye when she said she just wanted  some paper.  Santa said he was sure that was one request he could fill.  He mumbled something about the good old days when all the kids requests were that simple and sighed.  Then with a ho ho ho he gave each child a bag of food treats from the St. Peter ladies.  He then  told the crowd he had to leave and visit other good children and hear their wishes.

Community Betterment Committee Elects New 2011 Officers

Friday, Dec. 10, Ron Conner was elected President, Fred Kraber was chosen to continue as treasurer, and Susan Beary is the new secretary.

Discussion was held about applying for a Iowa Community Foundation grant. The application deadline is Dec. 31st.  This money is from gifts and from gambling profits from Iowa casinos.  Non-profit groups can apply each year for funding.  If our  project is funded we will be notified March 1st.

Fred stated a new memorial board was made.  Also, a plaque naming donors for the new furnace/air conditioning system  would soon be ready to display in the community building.

The next meeting will be March 2, 2011 at the Community building at 6:30pm.  If you are interested in helping the community building be a well cared for  asset to the town and to help with community development projects, come join us at the meeting.  New volunteers are welcome.