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Paul Ansley Loyal Community Servant Dies

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Paul Ansley dies March 5, 2010

Paul was born November 1, 1937 to Arthur Edward and Eldora Thomas Ansley.  He attended Lovilia schools and graduated from the High School class of 1955.  He served in the Army and the Marine Reserves.  In 1962 he married Janice Roberts  in Albia.  They worked and made their home in Burlington, Iowa for many years but returned to Lovilia in 1970. He worked at Albia L & S tools as a tool and die maker until his retirement.

He served the town as a city councilman and as mayor for several years.  In 1976 he was one of the founding members of the Lovilia Community Betterment Committee .  As such he helped raise the financing and make building arrangments of the Lovilia Community Building.  He has remained on the committee and worked for over 33 years to maintain the building for the benefit of the community.

Paul was a talented wood carver and taught classes in that folk art.  He and his daughter Dawn co-owned the White Oak Gallery in Albia where they did framing, matting, and sold antiques and art pieces.

Paul and Janice have four children:  Brian, Melinda “Mindy”, Dawn and Dana.

To their family have been the blessing of 14 grandchildren.

To honor Paul you are encouraged to join the Iowa Donor Registry at: or phone 1-877-366-6742.  Green ribbon pins which is the national symbol for organ, tissue and eye donation were available to all guests at the Winfield Funeral Home at the visitation and services.

Memorials may be given in his honor to the Lovilia Community Building.

We extend or condolences to the family and our appreciation for all his time and talent spent for the community of Lovilia.

George Chance Dies March 4, 2010

George was born June 3, 1956 to Floyd “Bill” and Rebecca Gladson Chance. He graduated from Albia High School in the class of 1974.  Patty McNeal and George married in 1979 and to them was born a daughter, Lindsi, and a son, Billy. George has two grandchildren.

George later married Jean Kelderman in 1998 in Oskaloosa.  He retired from Clow Valve Co. of Oskaloosa.

He is survived also by his brother, Kenny Chance of Oskaloosa and his sister Hydee Waters of Albia, Iowa.

We extend our condolences to the family.

Footings Poured for New Headstart Building

Concrete pads are in place so we can watch to see when the new building will be set in place in the south end.  They will also place some playground equipment in the yard there for the children.  A positive improvement in the coming months for the town.


One Sunday in a small Iowa church, a young child was acting up during the morning worship services.  The parents tried to calm the child but were losing the battle.  Finally, the father picked the child up and walked sternly up the aisle on his way out.  Just before reaching the back door the little one called loudly to the congregation, “Pray for me!  Pray for me!

Lovilia Part of a USA Military Research Project

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Blood Center at Lovilia is in Military Research Project

At our recent Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center blood drive in Lovilia, we had a surprise.  When we went through the normal procedures to prepare for a blood donation they said don’t tell us your blood type we are doing a new test for the military to see if it is faster, more efficient,  and has a high percentage of accuracy.  If it is better than current typing methods, then this new way will be adopted by the military.

I asked how many places were doing the research and she said only two blood centers were chosen.  And the one that comes to Lovilia was one of the ones chosen.  So that is exciting to be part of this.

She drew a drop of blood from my finger and put in on the testing device.  Within a couple of minutes she said you are type B+.  Is that correct?  I said yes and was pleased to see it worked correctly.  Then I donated blood as usual.

All donors at Lovilia that day were part of the project and I am sure felt that it was an extra bonus to be able to help  the military health personnel and it will no doubt be used by civilian hospitals and blood banks too.

The next blood donation day in Lovilia will be Monday, June 7th.  They can always use more donors so come and offer to donate.  If you don’t know if you are eligible they will ask enough questions to determine that for you.

Fisher Family is Blessed with Twins

Mike Fisher and his wife gave birth to twins Saturday, Feb. 6th.  They had a boy, Emmett, and a girl, Presley.   Denise Fisher of Lovilia is the grandmother.  Great grandparents of rural Lovilia area are Daniel and Colleen Lenger.  Mike’s family lives on a farm between Lovilia and Albia.  God has blessed you with double the joy of a little babe!

Family with a Big Heart Adopts Five Children  Together

Mike and Marilyn Beary of rural Lovilia have been foster parents to many children for several years.  That alone takes a big heart and lots of patience.  A few years ago a little girl they had in foster care was available for adoption and they did so and she is now seven years old.  They have been currently foster parents to five brothers and sisters ranging in age from 2 to 10 years of age.  Now they are available for adoption and Mike and Marilyn are in the process of doing so.  If all goes well, Marilyn said they could finalize it in April.  Marilyn  said the kids are very nice and she and Mike look forward to being their mom and dad.  Then they will withdraw from being foster parents as she feels six kids will be enough to be a strong family.  May God bless you for your loving hearts and actions.

New Clerk

Tammy Hunt, who formally worked in a hospital radiology dept. in Des Moines, is now working at Gas N Go.  The hospital was requiring more hours and other conditions that did not work out for her so she is now greeting you at the store.  She is Brian Hunt’s wife.  We hope she enjoys her new job.

History notes from Lovilia History Book

One winter Heatherington’s Harness shop sold 36 bobsleds.  Can’t you just close your eyes and imagine 36 sleds being pulled by a horse with bells jingling on the harness swishing by all over the Lovilia countryside.  One of the beautiful moments from the past.

Vocabulary Building

I was reading a book about the life of a famous lady and writer of the 1920 and 1930 era.  Her name was Dorothy Parker.  She was famous for her quick and biting wit.  The author had a word list that was amazing.  Did people then really talk like that?  Then we have really dummied down people, myself included.  Here are four words to check yourself with  word knowledge:

apogee:  the highest point, as in astronomy-the point in the orbit of a heavenly body, esp. of the moon or of a man made satellite at which it is farthest from the earth.

lorgnettes: a pair of glasses or opera glasses mounted on a handle

paean:  any song of praise, joy, or triumph

threnody:  a poem, speech, or song of lamentation, esp. for the dead; funeral song