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Lovilia Community Blood Drive

Monday, February 8th, 2010

The blood drive will be Monday, Februry 15 from 3pm to 7pm at the Lovilia Community Building.  To donate call 1-800-452-1097.  I will be there myself at 3pm and my husband about 5pm.  They welcome both regular and new donors.  They will answer any questions you may have when you call.  I am proud that our local community responds well to the blood drive with this life saving donation.

Recycle in Lovilia on Saturday, Feb.13, 2010

As usual the trailer will be parked across from the post office from 8am to 10am.  While you are cooped up in this snowstorm, gather up your newspapers, magazines, washed tin cans, etc. and show up on Saturday to recycle.  You will be glad you did!

Happy Valentines Day!!

As a friend told me, “Save the earth… It’s the only planet with chocolate!!  This is your friendly reminder guys and gals to remember your loved ones with a card, hug, or chocolate.  Flowers are also good!!

Class Reunion Being Planned for the Class of 1960

This will be the 50th anniversary of their graduation.  Some class members you know are Bob and Margaret (Flahive) Crumley and Jim and Shirley (Hull) Beary.  I am sure they will plan a fun reunion.

Hal Miller Dies

Hal died at age 61 on Feb.2, 2010 after a battle with cancer.  He was raised in Bradgate, Iowa.  He moved to Lovilia in 1970.  He married Wilma Darden on August 8, 1980.  They have three daughters and nine grandchildren.

Hal was a farmer all his life and worked at the Martin Marietta Durham Rock Quarry as an end loader operator.

Outdoor activities were his favorites.  Gardening,camping, and working with animals .

We offer our prayers and sympathy to the family.  The funeral services were at Winfields in Albia and burial was at Osborn Cemetery in Lovilia.

St. Peter’s Catholic Church Lenten Services, Etc.

Ash Wednesday there will be a soup supper at the rectory prior to mass.  Ladies of the parish are asked to bring a pot of soup and/or crackers and relishes. Supper starts at 5pm and mass at 6:30pm.

Stations of the cross will be on Fridays at 6pm. led my Ed Kamerick of Melrose who is studying to be a deacon.

St. Peter’s  has a new bookkeeper.  Alina McIntyre will be working mornings on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

For those who wish to rent the church hall, call Jean Flattery 641-932-7774.

Lovilia United Methodist Church Lenten Study

The minister will lead a Lenten study of the Lord’s Prayer. Class will begin on Wed., Feb.24th at the  Lovilia church .Class begins at 7pm.  They invite you to come.

Follow up on past stories

Funds are still needed to finish paying for the new furnace and air conditioning at the Lovilia Community Building.  The remaining balance is $ 3,000 .     The committee has applied for a grant which is available to communities from funds at Prairie Meadows.   They will know in March if they will receive those funds to help pay for the building improvements.  The next project when this is accomplished is to insulate the building with foam insulation with an expected cost of $7,000.  Donations can be mailed to this address:

Lovilia Community Betterment , % Paul Ansley, P O Box 152, Lovilia , Ia. 50150.

Do You Have a House Number?

I brought this up a year ago.  Many homes in Lovilia still need those numbers.  If you go back and read that first posting,  it gives all the information about size required and average prices and stores who carry the numbers.  It is important to have the number posted on the front side of your house so firemen and first responders can find you.  There have been incidents where precious time was lost because the house had no number and the emergency response team had trouble locating the home.  Please install these numbers for your own safety.

Gas N Go Pumping New Fuels and Building Remodel

Quite some time ago we said the overhaul had begun.  Now you can purchase E85, biodiesel, ethanol blend, and other fuels at all new pumps.

The store remodel is almost complete with a new cooler and added display space.  They have also added broasted chicken as a food item.  If you have not been , check it out, you will like the new changes.

Just Call ME

If you have news or comments for this blog, please call me at 946-7952.  Thanks to my readers , Susan Beary