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January: Lovilia Cold and Snow Covered

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Big surprise!  We have about 18 inches of snow on the ground that crunches when we walk on it due to the cold temp.  However, the weatherpersons tell us we could reach 32 degrees by midweek so everyone is hopeful!!  It has curtailed the daily walkers some and the dogs waste no time outside before barking to come back inside.  I have been busy and wrote no post since the first of November so I will try to catch up a bit on this first post of 2010.

Deaths of Three Life Time Residents

Kevin Ballalatak , Katherine Wynn, and Jim Hollinrake passed away recently.   All have relatives and friends who still live in Lovilia.  We wish Kevin, Katherine, and Jim eternal rest and peace.

Frank Masick Moved

Lifetime resident Frank has moved to a rural farmstead near Albia.  We hope he enjoys his new rural setting.

Japanese Resident Visits Lovilia

Nikki Gilbert recently made a surprise visit to family and friends from her current home in Japan.  She works there and enjoys the culture.  She told us she had made a recent trip to China and walked on the Great Wall.  I hope she is writing a journal.  She has had some great adventures.  Welcome home anytime Nikki!

Lovilia Men down Trophy size Bull Elk in Colorado

David Williams showed me the photo of this prize animal that was shot by his grandson, Logan Williams, while they were on their annual hunt in Colorado.  They camp in a tent and carry everything in and out of the woods so they had some work to do to get the elk meat to their vehicle but David says the meat is very tasty and not a wild game taste.   Congratulations  Logan!

Priest Moved to Lovilia

Father Pat Lumsden has been residing in Melrose since becoming the local priest in July.  He has moved  to Lovilia because he said the constant train whistles in Melrose kept him from getting a good nights sleep.  We welcome him to town along with his dog, Buddy, which is a shelty collie.

Lucile Flahive under Hospice Care

Lucile is now at her daughters home and receiving care from hospice. She would enjoy cards from her Lovilia friends.  The address is: Lucile Flahive,c/o Deana Mahedy, 5405 Pleasant Street, West DesMoines, IA 50266

St Peter’s Plans for 100 year Anniversary

The corner stone was laid 100 years ago and now it is time to celebrate our history and our current community.  Plans are being started to make the July picnic and activities special.  Will update our readers as we learn the plans.

Beary’s Total Car

Some folks may notice that David and Susan Beary are driving a new car.  Susan was driving Dave, Morgan, Wes, Teresa, and the dog home Christmas night from Grandma Beary’s in Ottumwa.  It was snowing making visibility bad and it was iced along the road too.  Right wheels went off edge and we spun a donut and were saved from a deep embankment by a guard rail.  We were not hurt thanks to seat belts, driving 35 miles an hour, and several hard working guardian angels.  Praise be no other cars were near enough to be involved.  Deputy sheriff Dunning responded promptly to our cell phone call and handled everything quickly and professionally.  Even if you think you are careful, danger lurks, so from experience, drive extra careful on snow days.

Recycle in February on Saturday, Feb. 13th in Lovilia

Recycle as usual across from the Post Office from 8am-10am.  The trailer is there and the attendant will help you.  Never done it before?  Start easy, bring your newspapers.  It is a free service.