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November 3 City Election Results

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

New Mayor and Two New Councilmen

Pat Gilbert is our new mayor and new councilmen are Jim Gass and Pam Spaur.  Pat and Jim have been councilmen and Pam is new to city government.  We welcome them all and appreciate there stepping up to serve their community and take care of its needs.

Recycling Day in Lovilia is Saturday, November 14th at 8am-10am.

Remember to bring your recycling items to the trailer parked across from the Lovilia Post Office.

They accept corrugated cardboard, office paper shredded or not , magazines, and newspapers.  These have to be bagged separately as they are processed separately.  They take food cans that are washed out and labels removed.  Glass jars that are washed out and labels removed. Any metal rings around the neck of the jar must be removed.  Lids can not be recycled.  They take washed out #1 PETE plastic and #2 HDPE plastic. All lids and plastic rings around the opening must be discarded by you before bringing these containers.  If you have any questions ask the employee who will put your items in the trailer for you.   Remember this is a free service provided by Monroe County.  Take advantage of it and help make our landfill last more years so they don’t have to start a new one.  Also it puts these valuable resources back into use.  Plus it can save you money.  Since I recycle, burn my food wrappers in a barrel, and compost food scraps, and one trip to landfill per year with what is left, I don’t have to even have garbage collection so I save that monthly fee for other family needs.  Try it, you have nothing to lose but a small storage area in your house or garage.

5oth Wedding Anniversarys

Tom and Phyllis (Waters) Dunkin of Lovilia celebrated their 50th with family.  They were married Oct. 2, 1959  and have three children,Tina, Lisa, and Tom and several grandchildren.

Former residents, George and Barbara (Baird) Bunch of Albia celebrated their 50th with family.  They were married Sept. 13, 1959 and they had three children.  Keith (deceased), Lynda, and Dan and two grandchildren.

Best wishes two both couples and many happy memories.

Lovilia Class of 1951 Held Their 58th Class Reunion September 2009

Ten members were in attendance for a meal shared together.  Marilyn Kraber, Delores Boehmke, Ruth Belzer, Carol Richmond, Marilyn VanderBerg, Harold Hastings, Marguerite Markle, Rollie Markle, Doran Haywood, and Robert Waters.  Hope you enjoyed sharing your high school memories once again.

Veteran’s Day November 11th

We want to thank all Lovilia military men and women past and present who sacrificed their time and health and even their lives to preserve our country and its many freedoms.  We can not thank you enough but will hold you in our thoughts and prayers today.