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Community Building Fundraiser Successful

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

The August 8th supper had about 125 people served and raised in donations about $1800.  That is great.  The committee appreciates all the donated food, labor, and of course the contributions.

The airconditioning was on and made for a comfortable supper.  If you missed this one, keep your eyes open for the next shindig to finish paying for the new improvements.

Weller Reunion August 8th

People gathered at the Weller church and hall site and enjoyed the company of old friends who grew up and went to church there.  They came back from DesMoines and too many places to mention.  Gayle Hastings said it was a good crowd and people had a good visit.

This week in August

Sprint car nationals in Knoxville, state fair in Des Moines, and parents scrambling to get kids ready for school to start will keep the cars on the roads this week.  It is nice gas prices are $2 plus this year instead of the $4 plus we had last August.  Enjoy it everyone as cooler weather will soon be approaching with the fall……………and winter…………..