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Lovilia will have E85 and Biodiesel Fuel for Sale at Gas N Go

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Tom Chamberlain, owner of Lovilia Gas N Go, announced this week that he will have jumped through the necessary redtape to have new pumps at his station to market the new fuels.

He will continue to carry 10% ethanol blend and unleaded gas as well as add a premium fuel.

He believes that his station will be the first in the county to offer both fuels.

This sounds good for Tom, good for environment, and good for Iowa alternative fuel producers.

Lovilia Community Building Heat/Cool Fundraising

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

The present heating system is the age of the community building which is approximately 30 years old.  The only air conditioning is in the small meeting room at the front of the building.

The Lovilia Community Betterment Committee has launched a fundraising effort to accomplish the goal of air conditioning the entire building and installing new energy efficient furnaces.  There will be a separate furnace/air conditioner for the large meeting room that is used for suppers and school reunions,etc. Then a second furnace/air conditioner for the small meeting room, kitchen, hall and bathrooms.  The new heating units will be 95% efficient.  The cost is about $20,440 plus $1,105 in sales tax and an extra $850 for additional electrical work and labor to the new units.  The bid accepted for the job was from Nolan Air Conditioning and Heating of Albia.

Work is to begin next week with an expected completion date of July 31, 2009.

The estate of Yvonne Miletich left money of which the Community Building received $7,000.  This is a generous bequest from her and we sincerely appreciate it.

The Community Betterment Committee has already sent a letter asking Lovilia school alumni to send donations for the project and to date have received about $4,000.  So a big thank you to the alumni for your loyal support.

All Lovilia residents and friends have been sent a letter asking for donations also.  We still need about $12,000 to finish the project.  To send a check make it out to “Lovilia Community Betterment” and mail it to Lovilia Community Betterment, % Paul Ansley, P.O.Box 152, Lovilia, IA 50150.

The committee will take out a loan if necessary to pay off the project and then hold fundraisers to pay off the loan.

August 8, 2009 will be the first fundraiser supper.  It will be a bake potato with toppins, salad bar, and homemade desserts.  If the project is completed as planned you can eat in air conditioned comfort!!!!!!

Mark your calendar now for the August 8, Saturday, supper in cool comfort and send your checks (big or small).  If you would like to volunteer to work and clean up at the supper call Janice Ansley 641-946-8258.

Taryn Brown wins new bike at Bike Rodeo

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Recently the sheriff’s dept., Pamida store, and Monroe CountyHospital sponsored a bicycle safety rodeo which was held in the parking lot of the Albia high school.  One of the three winners was Taryn Brown, daughter of Brownie and Deb Brown of Lovilia.  She is one proud little girl.  Congratulations Taryn!

Thelma Smith Died June 6, 2009

She was a long time resident first as a farmer’s wife and retired to Lovilia.  Former Lovilia school students may remember her as working in the school cafeteria.   Her one child is Ilene Pottorff of Lovilia.  She has three grandchildren: Steve Pottorff of Lovilia, Vicki Frost of Bussey, and Sharon Ryan of Knoxville.  She also has nine great-grandchildren and four great-great-grandchildren.  Funeral was at the Gilbert Funeral Home and burial  was in Lovilia Woodlawn Cemetery. We extend our prayers to the family.

Two New Baby Girls

Two pretty little girls have blessed two familes who both happen to live west of town.

Kirk and Susan McAninch  have Millie Kathryn.  Lovilia grandparents are Susan’s parents Jerry and Camilla Wynn. Millie joins two older brothers Hunter and Jer.

Chad and Alina McIntyre have Maeve Christina.  Lovilia grandparents are Alina’s parents Tim and Sandy Welsh. Maeve joins older sister Bridget.

City Wide Clean Up Day a Success

The city had three dumpsters of junk collected that day.  People paid for the special items like appliances and it ran smoothly according to Leonard Geery, city maintenance dept. head.  We want to thank the city council for voting to budget the money for the cost of hauling all the junk to the landfill.  Councilmen are Bob Beary, Tom Chamberlain, Pat Gilbert, Scott Hugen, and Jim Toopes. Thanks to the citizens for waiting patiently to be unloaded and for participating.

St Peter’s Welcomes New Priest July 1st

Current priest Fr. Lathrop will be transferring to Keokuk, Iowa.  Fr. Patrick Lumsden will serve the three parishes of Lovilia, Georgetown, and Melrose.  Since the other two churches are both called St. Patricks we hope he won’t hold that against us!

Honors for Lovilia Youth in Academics and Sports

Saturday, June 6th, 2009


One person was in the top 7% of the graduating class, Clayton Brady.

Two of the four Della Vedova Scholarship winners were from Lovilia, Clayton Brady and Devon Gottschalk.

Three achieved a 3.5 grade point average and did well in reading and math on the ACT and received the citizenship award, Shelby Wuebker, Clayton Brady, and Devon Gottschalk.

Shelby and Devon earned many scholarships and can be proud of their efforts through their high school years.

Shelby also won an elite letter which means the student earned 10 fine arts or 10 athletic letters or 15 letters between the two.  That is lots of sports and band practices etc. Congratulations!


Kile Overmyer qualified for the state track meet.  He finished third in the state in the 100-meter dash with a time of 11.26. He also ran in the distance medley relay which landed in seventh place. Later running in the 4X200 he and his three team mates broke the Albia school record but were able to only get a ninth place finish at state.  Finally, he ran in the 4×100 and his team came in fifteenth place. Kile’s mom is Angie, and his grandparents are Ron and Judy Conner.

The 4×400 relay team included Clayton Brady and they finished twelfth in the race.

Katie Curran was the only girl from Albia’s track team to qualify for the state meet.  She competed in the 100-meter dash but did not make the finals.  Katie’s mom is Mary Lou and her grandparents are Jim and Shirley Beary.

Congratulations to you all for your great showing!

First Communion

Valerie Beary celebrated First Communion in May at  St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Albia. Her mother A.J. was one of the three teachers.  Her father is Pat Beary.  May God bless  you always Valerie.

Shirley Plum honored with service award

Shirley Plum was recently awarded a ten year service award for her work at the Albia Community Schools.

Congratulations Shirley!

Lovilia Clean up the City day

This will be Saturday, June 13, from 7am-11am.  A dumpster will be placed on the street near the post office.  Items must be delivered to the dumpster during those hours.

Go to city hall this week to buy tags for items that are charged for at the landfill.  This includes appliances, TVs, computers, water heaters.  If you are not sure if you need a tag stop at city hall.

The City Code of Ordinances (laws) allows for nuisance abatement and residents who do not clean up their property could be fined or other costs charged to them.  A copy of the ordinance can be viewed in the city hall window and the post office.

Reminder: no one will come to pick up your trash.  You must take it to the dumpster yourself.

Let’s make our town an attractive place to live.

Swine flu in Japan by Casey Gilbert

Monday, June 1st, 2009

The first case of Swine Flu in Kobe was confirmed this past Saturday.  Schools were ordered by the government to close for 1 week including mine.

So how has life changed since this scare. Mostly everyone rushed to get masks from the store. The shelves quickly emptied. Even local pharmaceutical companies couldn’t keep up with the supply.

While business has slowed in the city things haven’t completely died down. Business men and women still make their way to work and children are still playing outside. All workers wear masks and ask their customers to wash and sanitize their hands before coming inside. Special sanitizer stations have been set up in some shops.

Things will probably return to normal after this coming weekend. Until then I am enjoying my mandatory vacation day .

swine flu masks

swine flu masks