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Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

What is your house number?

Some people in Lovilia don’t know and don’t care as the mail comes to a post office box.
But you do need to know your number and have it posted where drivers on the street can read it?
Why? In an emergency, that is how the firemen and ambulance will find you. In emergency situations every minute counts.

Some firemen have stated that in Lovilia they have been delayed because there was no house number and it slows them down in reaching the house.

Lovilia city ordinance asked that house numbers be posted on the house in a easy to spot location from the street.
Numbers need to be 2 1/2 inches high or larger to be seen from the street.

They need to be a different color from the wall they are mounted on to be seen also.

I did a little shopping research to see where to find them in Knoxville and what prices the numbers are sold for.

TrueValue has 3 inch number for 89 cents per number.
Hardware Hank Coast has 3 inch number in a package of 27 for $3.39 (4 each of 1 and 2;3 each of 3-5 and 0;and 2 each of 4,6,7,8, and 9)
Farm and Home has 4 inch plastic numbers for $1.49 each. Or plastic 4 inch for 69 cents each.There are 4 inch solid brass ones for $2.39 each.
Or adhesive 3 inch numbers for 89 cents each. Last they have a package of 26 numbers 3 inches high for $3.19.

Walmart has 4 inch brass numbers for $2.16 each. Or 4 inch plastic for $1.12 each. Or 3 inch reflector adhesive numbers for 58 cents each.
Or the package of 26 numbers of 3 inch high adhesive numbers for $2.74. If you find one or two people to share one of these 26 packs, your numbers will cost you only pennies!!!

So for about $3 dollars and some change, post that number, and you can be easy to find when you call for help.

It will also help UPS or other delivery systems find you with those packages you have ordered that need to be delivered to a street address.

If you don’t know your correct house number do this:

Contact the Lovilia city clerk’s office at city hall or the number of your house can also be found on the water/sewer bill under the words “service address”.
IN Memory: Longtime resident died this week, Adeline Haycock. May she rest in peace.

Wisdom: When it is below freezing, don’t stick your tongue on a flag pole.

Don’t eat yellow snow.

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